Using Artificial Intelligence Effectively in Your Company

Unleash the power of Artificial Intelligence with our expert consulting. We help companies identify the potential of AI, implement and operate tailored solutions - for optimized processes, improved decision making and a sustainable competitive advantage.

Tried and Tested Approach

We are convinced that artificial intelligence is more than just a buzzword - it is a game-changer that can revolutionize the way companies work and grow. But the successful implementation of AI is no accident; it requires careful planning, extensive expertise and a tailored strategy. This is where we come in.

Our consulting process begins with a thorough analysis of your company and its processes to identify the potential and use cases of AI in your specific situation. We look for ways in which AI can increase your operational efficiency, reduce costs or open up new revenue streams.

After we have identified the appropriate use cases, the requirements analysis follows. In this phase, we work closely with your team to understand the specific technical and business requirements of your AI project. We define clear objectives and KPIs to ensure the AI solution supports your business goals and delivers measurable ROI.

The implementation phase then begins. Our experienced AI experts use state-of-the-art technologies and proven methods to develop and implement your customized AI solution. We ensure that the solution is seamlessly integrated into your existing IT infrastructure and provides your employees with an intuitive, user-friendly tool.

Our work does not end with the implementation. After go-live, we continue to be at your side to monitor and optimize the operation of the AI solution. We provide ongoing support and regular updates to ensure that your AI solution remains powerful and keeps pace with the ever-changing needs of your business.

Our Workshop Services

We offer various workshop formats to present the basics of Artificial Intelligence and to jointly work out possible uses­of AI in your company. The workshops are aimed at executives and decision-makers who want to learn more about AI and identify the potential of AI for their company. No technical knowledge is required.

In this one-day workshop, we teach you the key concepts of artificial intelligence (AI) and show how AI can revolutionize your business. Our approach combines theory with practical examples. This knowledge will help you effectively manage AI projects and understand the AI language.
We present typical AI use cases in the company to show you the diverse possibilities of AI in different industries. In the context of a practical AI example, you will gain insight into the implementation of an AI project.
We discuss the success factors for the use of AI in the company and identify key aspects such as data quality, infrastructure and corporate culture.
At the end of our workshop, you will be ready to take the leap into the AI future! We will provide you with concrete, tailored recommendations for action to identify and leverage the potential of AI in your company. With our workshop, you lay the foundation for your first successful AI project!

Explore the many possibilities of artificial intelligence (AI) in this three-day intensive workshop. The course is designed for executives and decision makers who want to explore and leverage AI technologies in their organizations.
We start the first day with the theoretical foundations of AI, including its different forms and the technologies that drive it. We then discuss typical use cases of AI in enterprises and present practical examples of their application.
The second day focuses on the factors for the successful use of AI in the company. We will shed light on how you can select the right AI technology, integrate it effectively into your existing business processes and provide the necessary resources.
On the third day, we analyze the status quo in your company in group work. Together we identify potential uses and potentials for AI in your specific business environment. With these insights, we discuss the next steps and create a roadmap for the development and implementation of a successful AI prototype.
This workshop will not only provide you with the necessary knowledge to start AI initiatives in your company, but also concrete steps to successfully develop and implement your first AI prototype. Take this opportunity to discover the transformative power of AI for your business and prepare for the digital future.

In this intensive 5-day workshop, you will put your first AI project into action. Starting with the theoretical basics of Artificial Intelligence (AI), we will guide you through a variety of use cases of AI in business. Using practical examples, we will show you how to take advantage of this revolutionary technology. Additionally, we discuss factors for the successful use of AI in business.
The goal of this workshop is for you to develop an understanding of what AI can mean in your specific business context. In interactive group work, we therefore analyze the current status quo in your company. In doing so, we jointly identify potential fields of application and potential for AI.
With these gained insights we plan and design the development of your own AI prototype. Based on your existing data, we design and implement an AI prototype that covers one of the developed use cases.
The course will end with a live demo of the AI prototype, where we will present our approach, interesting findings during development, and challenges.
The last part of the workshop is dedicated to the next steps in your AI journey. We discuss the further development of your AI prototype and how you can prepare it for productive use. We will also discuss how to successfully work on the other identified use cases.
Join us to go from zero to AI in just one week and start your own AI project. We look forward to accompanying you on this exciting journey!

In addition to the workshop formats listed above, you can of course also hire us directly for an individual AI project. To do so, get in touch with us.

Our Competencies

Our expertise includes a wide range of AI skills, which we carefully combine with user-friendly software solutions to ensure accessible and effective use of AI in your business. Privacy and data security are at the forefront of our minds from the outset to ensure that your data is always protected. Whether it’s Natural Language Processing, Time Series Prediction, Generative AI, Classic Machine Learning or Computer Vision, we have the expertise to achieve your goals.

Natural Language Processing

With Natural Language Processing (NLP), natural language of any kind can be processed in an automated way quickly and accurately for a wide range of use cases. We offer customized NLP solutions that allow you to optimize customer service processes, extract information from unstructured data, and enable efficient natural language interaction. To this end, we use Large Language Models such as ChatGPT, among others, but prefer to use privacy-friendly alternatives.

Traditional Machine Learning

Traditional machine learning methods are a proven approach to identifying patterns in data and making predictions. Our experts help you make the most of these methods by providing customized solutions based on your specific needs, from customer segmentation to fraud detection. We rely on a variety of algorithms, including random forests, support vector machines (SVM) and artificial neural networks.

Computer Vision

With computer vision technologies, you can analyze images and videos to gain valuable insights. We help your company develop customized computer vision solutions that enable you to perform automated quality control, deploy facial recognition systems, or use image-based data for analysis and prediction purposes. For the development of computer vision solutions, we use modern Deep Learning technologies such as Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN).

Generative AI

Artificial intelligence can help your business create new content based on existing data, whether it’s text, images or music. Our expertise lies in the development of Generative AI systems that can not only produce high-quality output, but also complement and optimize your creative processes. In this area, we rely on state-of-the-art Deep Learning technologies such as Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) and like ChatGPT or more privacy-friendly Large Language Models.

Time Series Forecasting

With time series forecasting, you can predict future sales figures, utilization rates or prices and make your business decisions based on data. Our AI experts help your business build accurate predictive models tailored to your specific needs. To do this, we rely on modern Deep Learning technologies such as Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) and Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN).